1. Frankie

From the recording Big Road

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Frankie was a good girl, everybody knows
Paid $100 for every suit of Albert's clothes
He was her man, and he done her wrong

Frankie went down to the corner saloon, paid for a bottle of beer
Asked the good bartender, has my Albert man been here?
He has been here, but he's gone again

Cannot tell you no story, I cannot tell no lie
Albert was here 'bout an hour ago, with a girl named Alice Frye
He is your man, but he's doin' you wrong

Frankie looked through the keyhole of the door, saw to her surprise
There was her Albert man in the arms of Alice Frye
He was her man, but he's doin' her wrong

Frankie she called Albert, Albert said I don't hear
Lord if you don't come to the woman you love gonna haul you outta here
Your’re my man, but you’re doin’ me wrong

Frankie she shot Albert, shot him 2 or 3 times
Cryin’ “Stand back, from the smoke of my gun, gotta see if old Albert’s dyin’”
He was my man, but he done me wrong

Call out your rubber tired hearses, call out your rubber tired hacks
They're takin' old Albert to the graveyard, they ain't never gonna bring him back
He was her man, but he done her wrong

Well the judge and Frankie walked out on the stand, walked out side by side
The judge said to Frankie, you know you gonna be justified
For killin’ your man, though he done you wrong

Last time I saw Frankie she was sittin’ in the electric chair
Cryin’ lord o' mercy look what I done, sweat pourin’ down from her hair
I killed my man, ’cause he done me wrong
I killed my man, ’cause he done me wrong