“Memphis Or Bust!” Fundraiser Update! Ends Friday 1/6! Thank You's!

This is the FINAL WEEK of our “Memphis Or Bust!” Campaign! That means this Friday January 6th is your last chance to get in on our new Bootleg EP's, as well as signed DVD's, limited edition “Delta Swingers in Memphis” posters, a postcard from Memphis, Erin Harpe and the Delta Swingers swag and more! CLICK HERE TO JOIN!

Here's a little video I made about it with my new friend Sasha: 


Next week I’ll start sending out the “Perks”, starting with music (singles and Bootleg EP’s), DVD’s, and Swag Bags! The postcards and video shout-outs will be sent out while we’re in Memphis (January 30-February 4), and the Posters will be going out when we get home in mid-February (we'll be using images we get while we're in Memphis at the International Blues Challenge!). 

We want to thank Sharlene Labore, Arthur Cabral, and ccaspian for backing our “Memphis Or Bust!” Campaign this week! Big thanks also going out to John Doherty, mkurgans, ferdnann, Neil Harpe, Chris & Todd Williams, Ashley Songco, Stephen Sireci, Richard Zajaczkowski, Rick Bayko, Mark Katzoff, J. P. Reali, Dana Burton, Peter Jordan, Jesse Barash, Jim Picardi, Horace Stevens, Mark Weber, Michael Weidler, James Teuscher, Linda Prozialeck, Sue Kowalczyk, and everyone else who backed our “Memphis or Bust!” Indiegogo Campaign! 

Thanks for your continued support, it means so much! 


Erin, Jim, Matt & Kendall

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