A Delta Swingin' September!

Lounging in the control room of Alternate Root TV Studios!
  Hello darlin's!
Happy September! We had a fun and action-packed summer, as many of you did I'm sure! Click here and here to see some snapshots of our gigs…Read more

August news!

Hello darlin's! Can you believe August is already here? I always love August, my birthday month, and this one could be our busiest month yet, with lots of great club shows, festivals, and even a few acoustic duo shows…Read more

We won! 2012 “Blues Artist of the Year”!

We won! 2012 “Blues Artist of the Year”! Yahoo! Sunday December 2nd was the Boston Music Awards ceremony, and we are very honored to say that we won our category and we're now 2012 "Blues Artists of the Year"…