Memphis news and thank you's! 

We had a wonderful and successful time down in Memphis last week at the International Blues Challege! We played two great sets Wednesday and Thursday at the Hard Rock Café on Beale Street, and competition was stiff! Many of the bands we were competing with at our venue were large 6 and 7-piece bands with horn sections and big glitzy stage shows. Friends "in the know" who have been doing the IBC's for years said the quality of bands has gone up exponentially in the last few years! All of the musicians (and fans) were very complimentary and really liked our sound. Even though we didn't make it to the Semfinals this time, we still made a BIG SPLASH, and got noticed by national and international blues tastemakers and festivals (more news on that coming up!). We saw many of our old friends we met at past IBC's, and we made lots of new friends and fans! We played on a TV show called DittyTV which features roots music from around the world, which will be re-broadcast soon (we will post links!). And we got to play Friday and Saturday nights at Bob Margolin's Blues Party on Beale at the Rum Boogie!

I think my biggest realization this year was, it's not about winning, it's really just about being down in Memphis for this largest gathering of Blues People from around the world. It's amazing who you meet: blues fans who want to see who is up and coming on the blues scene (and just want to have a good time!), record labels, booking agents and festival promoters, lots of blues DJ's, and so many awesome musicians to network with. We've come home with festival offers, plans to trade gigs with bands around this country as well as abroad. And we had a great band experience, playing better than ever in the Home of the Blues! It's safe to say the world has now heard of the “Charles River Delta Blues”! And I picked up a new nickname, the “Betty Boop of the Blues”, christened after one of our sets at the Hard Rock in the Quarterfinals!

We want to thank all those who helped us get to Memphis, through supporting our Indiegogo Campaign:
Mark Katzoff
John Doherty
Kay Douglas
Greg Nagy
Kate McGrath
Nancy Nisi
Beth Benham
Martha and Peter
Lauren Snedeker
Bob Smarse
Sandy Rodgers
Jim Countryman II
Jim Clifford Sr.
Kathy Lally Clifford
...and all of the anonymous contributors!

THANKS!!!!!!!! Postcards were mailed from Memphis, you'll be getting them soon! And the rest of your perks will be a little delayed due to the Blizzard of 2015, but coming soon as well!

Erin and the boys

Boston Music Award-winning
"Charles River Delta Blues"



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  • Just arrived in NYC!
    Just arrived in NYC!
  • Rein's Deli doggie rest area.
    Rein's Deli doggie rest area.
  • Helping me unpack, kittehs.
    Helping me unpack, kittehs.
  • I just loved the view out our hotel room window on the 10th floor. Another one of Memphis' historic abandoned buildings.
    I just loved the view out our hotel room window on the 10th floor. Another one of Memphis' historic abandoned buildings.
  • One of many beautiful abandoned buildings in Memphis.
    One of many beautiful abandoned buildings in Memphis.
  • What a great week! Cheers!
    What a great week! Cheers!